Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Maps of Wazi Ahanhan Oyanke

These are maps created for the Oglala Oyanke

There is a need for digital maps that depict the territories of the Oceti Sakowin, Wazi Ahanhan Oyanke, and the areas of Unci Maka stewarded by them. These maps will document Lakota land and places for the People.

Cultural Narrative: 

These maps were digitized by Elisha Yellow Thunder for the Oglala Lakota Oyanke to depict Geographical Information Systems for Wazi Ahanhan Oyanke (Pine Ridge Indian Reservations). These maps correlate with geospatial data that can be found at the linked ArcGIS Hub. Please use layers and maps respectfully and in accordance with Lakota data sovereignty.

Traditional Knowledge: 

These maps were created in relation to Lakota Lifeways and knowledge compiled through exstensive research, data aquisition, and lived experience. Some of them are historical and represent the different methods in which Lakota carried their maps.